RunTime Computing is pleased to announce version 1.20 of its leading VSI/Pro commercial VSIPL math library product for the VxWorks 6.7 operating system, G4 Linux, and x86-32 Linux operating systems.

The VxWorks(R) G4/e600/Altivec release enables customers to work with VxWorks 6.7 and higher with full support, while still having access to on-going baseline support for the VxWorks 5.5 operating system with VSI/Pro 1.13. Improvements and enhancements made since release 1.13 are incorporated into this widely fielded product line. Support includes the latest PowerPC processors, particularly the Freescale 8641/8641D.

With the Linux updates for PowerPC G4/e600/Altivec and x86-32, customers gain the benefit of improved robustness and enhanced feature sets, as well as support and validation for newer operating systems, and GLIBC/GCC environments.

An forthcoming enhanced release for x86-64 Linux is also planned.