RunTime provides “smart consulting” that enables us to be trusted advisors and co-architects with our customers as well as with our partners. RTCS tracks the most important processor families and network architectures for high performance embedded computing. We also provide leadership in the key high performance embedded computing standards, ensuring that these standards evolve to support future architectures, and ensure that applications can continue to port to new architectures effectively and efficiently. The upcoming adoption of VSIPL as an OMG standard is an example.
By providing both specialized knowledge and deployable software tools to help manage the customer’s total cost of ownership including the time to market, we can supplement our customer”s development/program teams. Our expertise across the architectures, algorithms, operating systems, and platforms is crucial because high performance computing concepts and implementations pose many challenges, and require specialized expertise to design, implement, test, and deploy. Navigating the complexity of OpenCL, CUDA, SSE/AVX, and combinations thereof can be expensive and unrewarding to customers if not handled systematically. Porting between Linux, VxWorks, and other operating systems can be frustrating. These are problems we help customers address routinely with reusable, standards-based software as well as custom solutions for particular applications.