RunTime Computing Solutions, LCC releases MPI/Pro® support for CWEC’s Champ AV6 SRIO platform with support for VxWorks 6.7.

RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC announces the release of MPI/Pro® for CWEC’s Champ AV6 SRIO platform. MPI/Pro® is the leading commercial MPI middleware based on the MPI standard optimizing time to solution for parallel processing applications in hundreds of production sites.

MPI/Pro® support for the MPI 1.2 standard on the Champ AV6 platform with high speed SRIO networking enables the VxWorks-based platform to support the familiar MPI programming model on this embedded scalable system. The entire MPI 1.2 standard level is supported, and specifically tuned for Curtiss-Wright’s Continuum IPC lower-level middleware. Send, receive and collective communication primitives are available. Scalable remote start up of MPI sessions is also supported.

“With MPI/Pro® users can port parallel applications to and from clusters and other embedded multicomputers that support MPI” stated Jennifer Skjellum, RunTime Computing’s President. “When further combined with Runtime’s VSI/Pro product support for VxWorks 6.7 and the ChampAV6 platform, additional performance and portability for HPEC computing can be achieved,allowing performance-portability from other embedded multicomputers and SBCs.”

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