RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC Introduces VSI/Pro® GPU with support for NVIDIA®’s CUDA™ architecture.
Runtime Computing Solutions, LLC announces VSI/Pro® support for NVIDIA® CUDA™ with forthcoming support for OpenCL™ platforms.

VSI/Pro, the leading standards-based signal processing library based on the open VSIPL standard, now simplifies heterogeneous high performance embedded computing with GPUs. Specifically, VSI/Pro GPU utilizes GPU acceleration to enhance performance while retaining standards-based portability of VSIPL to enable heterogeneous high performance embedded computing. OpenCL™ support targeting additional GPUs will be available later this year.

Current VSI/Pro and other VSIPL users will benefit from the ability to utilize GPU power for the most demanding portions of their applications. Floating-point intensive applications, including radar, sonar, and signals intelligence applications in particular, will benefit from the performance boost provided by GPU acceleration. VSI/Pro GPU features include immediate support for NVIDIA CUDA and forthcoming support for OpenCL on both AMD® and NVIDIA® platforms.

VSI/Pro provides performance-portable signal processing functionality, including FFTs, correlations, convolutions, and linear, vector, and matrix operations to enable real-time and near-real-time applications. This release offers a straightforward means for developers to incorporate GPU acceleration incrementally into existing VSIPL applications. Support for embedded, 200-series, Tesla™ C10x0, and Fermi™-series NVIDIA GPUs is currently offered.

“VSI/Pro GPU enables existing VSIPL applications to be retargeted to newer hardware that incorporates GPUs, including workstations, embedded systems, testbeds, and next-generation heterogeneous systems.” stated Jennifer Skjellum, President of RunTime Computing Solutions. “Developers using VSIPL or VSI/Pro looking to port to GPU computing can now seamlessly introduce GPU computing using VSI/Pro GPU.”

VSI/Pro GPU will be available for shipment in June, 2011.

About RunTime Computing Solutions
Runtime Computing Solutions, LLC is a privately held woman-owned and operated company focused on the high performance embedded and scalable computing space. RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC delivers industry-recognized software products for embedded high performance computing based on open standards. The company’s flagship software products, VSI/Pro® and MPI/Pro® enable customers to achieve maximum benefits in the realm of both parallel computing and signal and image processing applications. Company services include code optimization, training, solutions architecture engagements, and other IT services.

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