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RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC releases VSI/Pro® support for 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

BIRMINGHAM, AL – January 6, 2011

RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC announces the release of VSI/Pro® 1.20 optimized to utilize the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture .

VSI/Pro®’s proven high quality support for the Vector Signal and Image Processing (VSIPL) industry standard ( for signal and image processing functionality on DSP and COTS processors has now expanded to Intel’s newest line of fast, power efficient processors. VSI/Pro® is proven, field-deployed, standard-based software for the Mil/Aero COTS markets for well over a decade, and represents extremely high value middleware for signal and image processing that supports both performance and portability. VSI/Pro® for the 2nd generation Intel Core processor-based platforms further incorporates significant performance improvements in VSI/Pro®’s already efficient vectorized libraries that utilize the new Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) instruction set as well as incorporating the processor’s enhancements in performance to the SSE series of streaming vector extensions compared to previous generation Intel processor families. VSI/Pro® provides combined ease of portability to the new processor and enhanced performance for key operations including FFTs, convolutions, linear operations, and correlations.

VSI/Pro® architecture enables users to immediately benefit from the platform’s performance without spending a lot of time and money to port algorithms, rewrite major parts of applications, or require that every application programmer knows how to write low-level code.

“With VSI/Pro®, users can readily port signal and image processing applications to and from workstations, testbeds, and embedded target platforms such as VPX-based embedded boards” stated Jennifer Skjellum, RunTime Computing’s President. “When further combined with Runtime’s VSI/Pro product support for several Linux distributions and the WindRiver VxWorks® platform, VSI/Pro® for new Intel® Core™ processors will offer unprecedented value for adopters of these Intel platforms, as well as easy portability from VSI/Pro® for PowerPC Altivec™ and previous-generation 64-bit Intel® Core™ processors and earlier SSE-based platforms, as well as other x86 platforms running 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.”

“Recognizing that the 2nd generation of Intel® Core™ processors offer the optimum combination of very high performance and performance per watt, RunTime Computing has developed a solution that will help embedded developers move quickly and affordably to this advanced processor platform,” said Matt Langman, director of product marketing, Intel Embedded Computing Division.

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Runtime Computing Solutions, LLC is a privately held woman-owned and operated company focused on the high performance embedded and scalable computing space. RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC delivers industry-recognized software products for embedded high performance computing based on open standards. The company’s flagship software products, MPI/Pro® and VSI/Pro®, enable customers to achieve maximum benefits in the realm of both parallel computing and signal and image processing applications. Company services include code optimization, training, and solutions architecture engagements.

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