RunTime Computing Solutions will be demonstrating the newest versions of  VSI/Pro® , our premier signal and image processing libraries at the  IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference in Waltham MA September 10th-12th.

Conference attendees will get to see VSI/Pro® running on a T4240 next-generation Freescale Multicore Altivec processor development system as well as running on an X86-64 sytem,  CUDA and  PPC Altivec.

RTCS  is also partnering with the Massachusetts SCC team to show certain embedded systems of interest to high performance embedded processing, emphasizing low-power, and hybrid RISC+DSP systems (e.g., TI ARM+DSP combination, ARM A9+NEON, Adapteva Parallela), including small clusters.  The team will demonstrate the basic capabilities and readiness of these emerging systems for HPEC targets. These systems are current or near-term targets for VSI/Pro®, providing a synergy between our company and our collaborators from MIT and BU.